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    Corrosion of metals is ubiquitous and harmful for almost all industries, such as oil, electricity, steel, ocean and so on. Its damage to the national economy is very serious and statistics shows the direct economic loss caused by metal corrosion annually is about 700 billion~1 trillion dollars. Corrosion is a common problem facing all mankind, and at least 30% of corrosion can be controlled through popularization of science, research and technology application. In order to reduce the loss caused by corrosion, researchers from home and abroad have made continuous efforts to innovate and obtained a large number of excellent research results. 

    European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), Chongqing Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection will hold "International Conference on Corrosion Protection and Application(ICCPA 2019)" in Chongqing, China on Oct. 9-12, 2019, which aims at strengthening international technical exchanges and information sharing, seeking cooperation opportunities, and jointly addressing the challenges of corrosion problems.

    This conference will invite academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, EU Academy of Sciences and well-known experts and scholars from home and abroad to make special reports, and also invite Chinese and foreign scholars and industry leaders to gather together, and conduct extensive and in-depth exchange and discussion on the latest research findings and industry development trends in the field of corrosion protection and application. Welcome the domestic and foreign related workers contribute papers enthusiastically, and participate in the conference to exhibit the elegant demeanor.

    At the same time, the “First Meeting of the Fifth Editorial Board of Surface Technology” will be held, and welcome members of the editorial board to participate in the meeting.

:International Conference on Corrosion Protection and Application(ICCPA 2019)

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October 9-12, 2019

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August 31, 2019

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October 11, 2019

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October 9, 2019