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Call for papers

International Conference on Corrosion Protection and Application(ICCPA 2019)

Call for Papers

1st International Conference on Corrosion Protection and Application (ICCPA), EFC China 2019 will be held in Chongqing, China on Oct. 9-12, 2019, which aims at strengthening international technical exchanges and information sharing, seeking cooperation opportunities, and jointly addressing the challenges of corrosion problems. Welcome science researcher related to corrosion, protection and application to submit articles.

1. Paper scope, contents include but are not limited to the followings


Paper scope

Forum 1Corrosion Control, Failure Analysis and Protection Technology for Oil and Gas Pipelines


1) Internal and external corrosion and control of pipelines

2) Stray current corrosion and protection

3) Mechanochemical corrosion and protection (stress corrosion/corrosion fatigue/hydrogen embrittlement)

4) Multiphase flow corrosion and protection

5) Microbial corrosion

6) H2S/CO2 corrosion

7) Corrosion control on marine pipeline

Forum 2Corrosion Prevention Technology of Green Electric Power

1) Corrosion and protection for thermal power equipment

2) Hydrochemistry and corrosion control in electric power plants

3) Corrosion prevention in  green energy industry

4) Corrosion and protection in nuclear power plants

5) Corrosion control technology in power grids

Forum 3Thermal Spraying Technology for Corrosion Protection


1) Coating materials for corrosion protection

2) Coating engineering for corrosion protection

3) Novel thermal spraying technology for corrosion protection

4) Coating technology for marine protection

5) Coating technology against air pollution

6) Thermal spraying technology toward high temperature oxidation resistance

Forum 4Atmospheric Corrosion and Protection

1) Corrosion behavior and corrosion mechanism

2) Indoor and outdoor test evaluation and correlation

3) Influence and role of environmental factors

4) Surface coating and plating protection technology

5) Corrosion inhibitor and conversion film protection technology

Forum 5Corrosion and Protection of Advanced Steel Materials

1) Corrosion resistant steel material design and corrosion resistant mechanism

2) Advanced surface treatment technology for advanced steel materials (green manufacturing, environmental protection and recycling)

3) Anticorrosive paint and coating (such as nano coating, graphene coating, intelligent coating, etc.)

4) Corrosion inhibitor and conversion film

5) New metal coating and coating technology (such as continuous PVD, ZnAlMg coating, etc.)

Forum 6Advanced surface protection technology and material for marine corrosion

1) The corrosion and protection in off shore oil and marine resources exploitation

2) The corrosion and biofouling in ocean and their prevention

3) Advanced functional coatings for surface protection

4) Advanced non-metal structural materials and coatings

5) Advanced metallic coating

6) The degradation behavior and failure mechanism of coatings

2. Requirements

1All contributions will be accepted in English only. Please keep your own copy, just in case.

2Paper should not have been published in any publications.

3Paper should have innovative, scientific, practical credible data and conclusions; paper should do not cover state secrets (national defense, aerospace, military and other units should provide the non-confidentiality certificate issued by the unit).

4Refer to the paper template for details (please see the attachment below).

5Electronic files of Microsoft Word is acceptable, name as "author + unit + forum number". Please note if oral presentation is required.

3. Submission method and time node

Log in the conference site and contribute.

Deadline of abstract: Jun.30, 2019; Deadline of full full paper: Aug.31,2019

4. Publication of paper

1After the expert evaluation by the academic committee, the qualified papers will be included in the conference proceedings. Note: the conference proceedings are not published in any form (including not published online), only for the exchange of the conference.

2Some outstanding papers will be recommended to the conference support media—Journal of Magnesium and Alloys (SCI), Journal of Materials Science & Technology (SCI), Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (EI), Surface Technology (EI), Environmental Engineering Equipment. After the normal review of each journal, paper will be published (publication fees are normally charged).

5. Evaluation of excellent papers

The awards for outstanding papers of young people under 35 years old will be established, among which 10 will be awarded for outstanding reading out papers and 10 will be awarded for outstanding display papers. Certificate and bonus will be awarded after evaluation.

6. Contact us

Name: Jihong Li

Tel: +86-18623455949/023-68792193     E-mail:

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