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Forum 6: Advanced surface protection technology and material for marine corrosion

2019/4/25 22:19:41

Convenors: Professor Bernard Normand, INSA de Lyon, France,

Professor Jingmao Zhao, Beijing University of chemical technology, China,

Professor Chunfeng Ma, South China University of Technology, China,

Ass. professor Junlei Tang, Southwest Petroleum University, China,

Support unitState key laboratory of oil and gas reservoir geology and exploitation

Engineering Research Center of Oil Chemistry, Ministry of Education, China

Main topic:

1) The corrosion and protection in off shore oil and marine resources exploitation

2) The corrosion and biofouling in ocean and their prevention

3) Advanced functional coatings for surface protection

4) Advanced non-metal structural materials and coatings

5) Advanced metallic coating

6) The degradation behavior and failure mechanism of coatings

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